101 Dolphin Pets เกมส์ปลาวาฬแสนสนุก

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101 Dolphin Pets เกมส์ปลาวาฬแสนสนุก Empty 101 Dolphin Pets เกมส์ปลาวาฬแสนสนุก

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[Full][Standalone][Windows] 101 Dolphin Pets [English]
Year: 2010
Release date: August 21, 2010

101 Dolphin Pets เกมส์ปลาวาฬแสนสนุก Gk12q9gj

System requirements:
* Windows Vista / XP
* 700 MHz or faster processor
* 256 MB RAM
* 180 MB free hard disk space
* 800x600 monitor, 32-bit color
* DirectX ? 9.0c
* 64 MB video card
* DirectX ?-compatible sound card & speakers

SOver 101 Dolphins to Adopt and Love!
Choose from over 101 adorable dolphins - or simply adopt them all! You'll never be bored with so many new best friends to groom, pamper, play with and love!
Enjoy the water slide in the aqua park!
Teach your dolphin to smile, jump, fetch balls & more. Give your pet a treat after each trick!
Enter your dolphin into pet shows & earn money to buy fun upgrades, including toys, food, accessories & more!
Buy cute clothes & dress up your pet in 3D!
Zoom in, zoom out, tilt & rotate in real 3D. Watch your dolphin, up close & personal!

* Immersive 3D Virtual World: Enjoy full 3D environments! Go underwater, visit the aqua park & more.
* Many Dolphin Types: Choose from Orca (Killer Whale), Indian, Chilean, Pillory, Whitenose, Giraffe, Longmuzzle, African & more!
* Over 101 Dolphin Toys & Upgrades: Unlock new items as you care for your pet.
* Personalized Skin Tint: Ever want a lavender dolphin? Now's your chance!

Installing the game:
1. Mount in Daemon Tools
2. Install the game.
3. We play.

101 Dolphin Pets เกมส์ปลาวาฬแสนสนุก Eylh6lp1
101 Dolphin Pets เกมส์ปลาวาฬแสนสนุก 87bk7j0f

Download : สามารถดาวน์โหลดกับ IDM ได้เร็วเต็มสปีด กรณีโหลดไม่ได้ ขึ้นหน้าจอให้รอ 600 second (วินาที) ให้ตัดเน็ตและดาวน์โหลดใหม่
ขนาดไฟล์ 121.40 MB
fileserve.com 4VsKRKw/101_Dolphin_Pets.rar


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